Top 11 Benefits of Video Games for You and Your Children

Benefits of Video Games for You and Your Children

Regularly, after a sordid incident, video games are pointed out like the roots of evil, those objects of the devil that trivialize brutality and desacralize respect for human life. For many: Video Games = Doom and virtual violence => real violence, in the malleable and fragile spirit of our youth. But it would hide the benefits of this kind of recreation, which is not necessarily violent and can be more stimulating than a DTT viewing party. Some researchers seem to have studied the subject in any case:

Benefits of Video Games for You and Your Children

1. Video games develop the volume of gray matter

To have an enoooo huge brain, no need to swallow encyclopedias, just play Super Mario. This is basically the conclusion of a German study that stuck a group of players in front of a Nintendo 64 for 30 minutes a day for two months. This growth develops the spatial orientation, the formation of the memory, the implementation of strategies, as well as the motor faculties. A strange sentence in the presentation of the study: the desire to play video games testifies to a desire to increase its cerebral volume. “We’re making a Call of Duty? I really want to grow my brain!”

2. Video games reduce pain and stress

A study in 2010 tells us that the practice of video games has allowed patients coerced to follow chemotherapy to overcome stress and be better prepared to fight the disease. More surprising, the burned-up, according to the same source, have better compounded with pain by plunging into the joys of virtual worlds on console.

3. Video games improve academic results

If you refuse to give in to the demands of your kid for fear that games will take precedence over homework, you are wrong: according to a study conducted by a Niort researcher , a child with a console at home is four times less likely to repeat than his private video game comrade. If the researcher considers that the qualities developed by playing these games ultimately serve nothing more than playing video games, he points out that a kid that manages to remain focused and still during hours of play will have less struggling to endure the endless hours of class without thinking about recreation.

4. Video games develop social skills

Good, on it, the two researchers published by the American Psychologist are a little less convincing, since they put in the same bag Farmville and World of Warcraft after quoting as Angry Birds reference a few lines more above. Nevertheless, their argument is that the tendency of games to be cooperative, even hyper-violent, is reflected in the behavior of afk players.

5. Video games speed decision-making

The University of Rochester is not too proud of its find: you need 25% less time to make an important decision when you’re playing video games. The videoludic practice would develop the ability to answer a problem given by an algorithm by dividing it into simpler questions.

6. Video games allow us to grasp the 3D

Certainly a consequence of point 1, the same study emphasizes that girls, a priori less comfortable in geometry in space (ah good? …) boys through the practice of video games. This phenomenon is observed in adults and not only in children.

7. Video games slow down the aging process

The University of Iowa may have found the secret of eternal life: 2 hours a day, it keeps you a sharp brain free from the destructive work of years. Even if the test was conducted with a game specifically designed for the experiment (so not Angry Birds ). So after 50 years, we stop the sudoku, and we go to Fallout New Vegas before eating, during Julien Lepers.

8. Video games would help dyslexic children read

The Italian University that spawned this study used an original method. Children were separated into two groups, the first ones were playing a boring trick, like the monopoly line, and the others were a bit more lively, in this case, Rayman. And it turns out that the latter showed better reading skills at the end of the experiment. The ability of these games to quickly demand the attention of the players seems beneficial, and thinking, it goes well 5 minutes, but that is not enough.

9. Video games improve the view

Finally, not all, only Medal of Honor. It’s still at the University of Rochester, where we seem to have the fuck, we found it. It would seem that the search for an enemy to descend or the scare of the snipers develop the visual aptitudes. If no ophthalmic told you “keep going 16 hours a day in front of your PC, and in a year you will not need glasses anymore” is that the info has not yet passed.

10. Video games reduce painful memories

In any case the game Tetris, according to a British study. Guinea pigs were asked to watch a traumatic film, and half of them played the famous game on Game Boy over the next few days. And surprise, the gamers have less horrible flashbacks after stacking a few bricks. Tetris, better than alcohol to forget.

11. Video games make smarter, but not all

A university in London has conducted an elementary experience: letting a group of people play Starcraft, a real-time strategy game, and another Sims, life simulator. And well believe it or not, the people who played the strategy game then showed greater cognitive flexibility, the ability to effectively pass from one task to another, than those who played the game completely con. It was well worth it to give them a scholarship to reach this conclusion.