How to become a professional gamer?

With e-Sport, history has not been tender. If since 2015, Axelle Lemaire’s “Digital Law” recognizes this discipline as a sport in its own right, it has long been stigmatized even though, let’s not hide it, some people still take a look disdainful and complacent on the video game. However, mentalities are evolving, and these last ten years have marked a turning point, as well for the e-Sport as for the video game in general. Independent productions, such as Noob, return a positive and healthy image of this universe. The advent of the electronic sport also gives birth to new aspirations. In the age of the internet, more and more young people want to become gamersprofessionals. The question then arises: to live with one’s passion, is it an accessible dream?

We must not think that we will make video games to become professional. Above all, it is a passion that must be at the center of everything. If you do not take pleasure, it is useless. By cons, we do not progress overnight, especially not playing two or three hours a day. You have to know how to impose an important rhythm, that is to say, to play up to fifteen hours a day if necessary!

Today, society’s view of the video game has changed. If you think you have this little something that changes everything, go for it, but do not do it halfway. E-Sport has become more democratic, but the level has increased at the same time and competition has become global. Today, good players are in the millions. You have to know how to question yourself, chain games, watch replay and streams of the best players, force yourself to change your style of play even if you do not want to. The goal: to push the game, whatever it is, even in its entrenchments.

Do not hesitate to make LANS, to move and to meet people. If you put your stats, you know how to prove yourself, we will pick you up, but not the opposite. Its place, it is necessary to win it, and to think also to reconvert itself, because beyond twenty-five years, the reflexes diminish, it is a fact “.

If he evolves today in human resources, Julien Paris has not given up hope to reconnect with e-Sport.