Five pro tips to be better at the Checkers game

This strategic two-player game, played with white and black checkers on a checkerboard of 64, 100 or 144 squares, requires great concentration and fine stratagems. We sought advice from seasoned players.

Understand your mistakes

For Raoul Delhom, former champion of France (1958, 1975, 1980), it is “important to recognize his mistakes and then analyze them”. The big players note all the movements made during the game to study them later in a room dedicated to analysis. Most of the time, the two players who have faced each other are remaking their game together. Monique, a player for ten years, recognizes that on his last game played, she clearly “lack of attention”, which made him lose all his resources and missed two pretty shots.

To anticipate

Anticipation is the watchword of Dames players. Raoul Delhom explains that it is not the shot that comes that plays the player, but well “all those after also. The biggest players aim 10 or 15 shots later. Hence the importance of predicting what will happen in front of you a few minutes later.

Play technical

Michel Guillet, the organizer of the French Ladies Championship currently taking place in Riom, said that if “beginners grow wood”, it is within the reach of all to learn techniques that will make the game more fluid. “The rules are simple but are complicated to implement”.

Think central

Raoul Delhom advises everyone: “We must try to play as centrally as possible, leaving only very few chances for the opponent”. To win, the opponent must not be able to play at all: either he has no more pawns or he is blocked.

To know how to give up

Monique, who had rubbed herself up against her, is the first to say it by analyzing her part: “When we have nothing to play, we must know how to give up. But that, some do not know how to do!”.