What to plant in each season in Stardew Valley game?

Greetings to Stardew Valley!

Today we want to write a topic that, after several discussions that have been carried out in Reddit, we have been able to rescue with some conclusions that, surely, you will love. Don’t forget to check out Stardew Valley Best Crops – Stardew Valley Guide and Tips

Well yes, today we will try to answer, after taking advantage of the study data of several users of the Steam Community, what should be planted at each station? Why?

To better understand what we are going to discuss here, let’s share a list in Excel, which you can review from the browser, which response in detail to each of the studies and analyzes that were made. But this will be later. Now, to the point:

What to plant in each season?

The economy, without a doubt, is a very important factor in Stardew Valley. With it we will not only be able to progress in several aspects of history, but it is necessary to acquire all the content of the game; in itself, is the only way. Therefore keeping a precise study of the expenditure and profit of each investment is, moreover, something basic that we must take into account. Here we will only give you the conclusions of the whole study, so that they can make the most of the time in the game:

stardew valley best crops

What to plant in spring?

The one that throws most benefits is, without a doubt, the strawberries (Strawberry). 
With an investment of 100 per seed, you can get a profit of 500! But look! This is only possible if they are grown for the Spring Egg Festival (the famous Egg Festival), which takes place on the 13th of spring. If you already have some experience in the game, you surely guess that strawberries are initially only bought at the festival. So? Well, the recommendation is that you save a good money the first year, planting what we recommend later, and buy a good amount of seeds, that you will save for the second year. The recipe is ready!

Now then, what should we sow if we can not enjoy our strawberries? From the first moment you start, the best “easy” benefit you will get is summed up in a single plant: Potatoes! (Potato) Although the profit is 50 per purchase and 80 per sale, this peculiar vegetable has a special bonus: there is a possibility that each crop will give you an additional potato. This gives a content of luck to the game, which can result in an additional bag of gold for each harvest. If you do not like these options, you can always decide on the following plants: Cauliflower and Green Beans.

What to plant in Summer?

As in spring, there is a plant that must be saved for the second year, after investing in its seeds. This time is not for any event, but for the effectiveness of the plantations. We are talking about the Red Cabbage. What you really should focus on is the Blueberry (Blueberry) that well administered gives a profit that leaves this planet, giving you almost 880 gold per plant in the season. Wow, go! The question is how it is managed well? And the answer is simple: save as much gold as possible on the first day of summer, and when everything is ready, run to the village shop and buy a ton of seeds, which you must sow on the same day. If they are not sown the same day, they are no longer worth much,

If you are the neglected and did not manage to buy and plant the same day, what you should buy then is Hops. You will not have the same result as the Blue Mora, it’s 365 gold for every 60 investment, but you will not waste valuable time trying to force a harvest cycle that will not work. Believe us! The following crops in the list are: Tomato (tomato), Melon (melon) and Chilli (Hot Pepper). Who knows? In diversity is a pleasure.

What to plant in autumn?

Before telling you about the adventures of harvesting in the fall, we want to give you some advice: when you are in the last week of summer, buy and plant Corn to grow it in autumn. Do not ask! Just do it, and you’ll be surprised.

Here, as in all, the recommendation for planting varies depending on the year. For the second year it is best to cultivate Artichokes (artichoke), for which you will receive 160 gold for every 30 investment. But let’s focus on another wonder of the cultivation of exotic fruits: cranberry (Cranberry). If you play to be judicious, following the recommendations that we give you with the blueberries, you are going to cultivate a profit of 1101 gold per month. And it’s true! Already on the list are: Pumpkin, Corn and Amaranth.

Cycle recommendation:

This last point is a personal recommendation that, from the Stardew Valley Hispanic Community, we want to give you. It is simply the planting order that you must make until the third year. From there, you’ll know how to defend yourself for sure!

  1. Potato
  2. Blueberry (Blueberry)
  3. Cranberries
  4. Green Beans
  5. Strawberries. (Strawberry)
  6. Chili Pepper (Hot Pepper)
  7. Hops (Hops)

Although these recommendations are more efficient, we want to give you some advice : the variety of crops in this wonderful game has nothing to do with income or making your life easier: they have to do with your tastes and what you feel more comfortable. In the end, Stardew Valley is a work of art, worth studying from all tones: the beautiful and the unattractive.

These video games that bring together the family

Alongside the action games, a number of titles allow for fun and confrontation between generations.
Should we be surprised? Becoming parents, the 30-45-year-olds, who grew up with video games, are enjoying themselves and their children on PC and console. More than 40% of the 31 million French people who play video games are parents, and 65% of them play with their children, according to the latest report from the National Video Game Union. The hype surrounding titles such as Call of Duty, Assassin’s Creed or Grand Theft Auto and the confusion between violence and video entertainment should not make us forget that games can also be enjoyed as a family.

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Back to childhood

At the head, the games that the parents practiced when they were themselves children, and which they find again with happiness or nostalgia, even if their old reflexes sometimes resist badly the talents of the youngest. In this category, the most emblematic series is that of Mario, the emblematic character of the Nintendo consoles. The adventures of the Italian plumber keep the same plot since its origins in the 1980s. Those who have a Wii or a Wii U know that titles such as Mario Party, Mario Kart, Super Mario Galaxy or Super Mario Bros Beautiful gripes and memorable sessions of laughing as a family. Super Mario 3D World (60 €, for Wii U), is played in four, each of the protagonists embodying Mario, Luigi, Toad or Princess Peach, Each with its own characteristics. You will have to run, jump, move obstacles, explore the unusual 3D scenery and discover various surprises to win the game, which takes place on several levels. A true unifying game, universal, as only Nintendo, knows how to do, and which explains the success of its consoles to a family audience. Sometimes parents are searching best garbage disposal reviews for their kitchen. Because, when they play game with their children most of the time kitchen will become too much dirty. So, this product can help a lot.

This does not mean that Nintendo has the monopoly of “transgenerational” games. There are many for the consoles of Sony and Microsoft, iPad and PC. And even games that can be practiced with her mom (especially since more than half of the video game enthusiasts are women) or even with grandparents, starting with board games adapted to consoles, such as Monopoly or Trivial Pursuit, quizzes and tests on cinema, music, sport, etc.

Virtual Sports

Sport remains a reference theme for parents who want to compete with children. In this category, football simulation games have a prominent place. With Fifa 2014 (from 19 to 49 €, for all consoles and iPad), not only will Daddy show junior how to cleanly tackle and mark elegantly on free kick, strong ten years of experience of the game, but it will be able to find the best Players to compose his team. Both will also learn the novelties of this edition: more realistic strikes according to the stride or the position of the foot, tips to conserve the ball and to dribble efficiently and a better team spirit In the decisive phases.

Same principle for racing games. Forza Motorsport 5 (70 € for Xbox One), heir to a long dynasty, emphasizes the realism of cars (Ferrari 430 Scuderia and 458 Italia, Audi RS 4 and Sport Quattro, Aston Martin DBS, Lamborghini Murcielago LP 670, etc.) and driving sensations in a cinematic setting. Do not think that your great experience of the wheel will be enough to prevail over your children. Not only is it possible to define more or less the assistance to the driving, but the true difference will be on the taking of risk. And there, not sure that the most gifted amateur pilots can compete with a daredevil in short panties.

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